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Also, here is the full simpson's episode (almost full) from where the little song comes

May you be able to "outsource" everything (except, of course, the final for this class!)


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0. The ending utube video of Simpsons that didn't play in the class (it iseems to play fine on youtube)
     (for those who know hindi-- no, I am not attempting subliminal messages ;-)

1. Here is the link I promised on whether or not Deepblue has "intelligence"

2. Coverage of Russell's own course on intro to  AI for undergrads some place out further west:
 (the syllabus followed is at )

My philosophy is that *what* is taught in a course shouldn't depend on *where* it is taught. The demands and
coverage of the course should not be diluted based on anyone's reduced expectations of a student population
(since this is a vicious slippery slope and is ultimately detrimental to the students themselves). 

Your grade may well depend on who else took the course with you, but the material and demands should not.

3. On my aborted experiment with providing Java code:
   Here, FYI, is the Java version of the code for the first project we provided in 2003.

No one who actually completed the project wound up using it. So, we discontinued the practice after one other project.


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