Monday, December 17, 2007

(Important) Final Cumulatives (Everything included--sans letter grades)


 I am done grading the final exam, and also assigning participation grades. Enclosed please find the final cumulatives for
both  the sections.

Participation grade is based on 1. three letter grades for attendance, attentiveness and blog participation and
2. conversion of those three to a single number between 0 and 10.

Note that I included two "grand totals"--one which includes everything except participation
and the other which also includes participation grade and scales everything down by a factor of 11/10
(since participation grade is more subjective than the other grades, I wanted to see how many people's
relative standings got significantly affected by the participation grade).

I will now ponder over these numbers and await super-natural enlightenment to dawn on me between now and
11:59pm when the grades are due.

I will tell you this much. The students at the top of the 471 and 598 lists will both get A+ grades.

***************Those two are also are invited to *suggest* grade cutoffs for both sections (as well as what should be the lowest grade awarded in
either of the sections). [I



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cumulatives (including everything except the final exam and class participation)--Please let us know if you see any errors

 Enclosed please find the cumulatives of as of now (including everything except the final exam and class participation). The last homework and project can be picked up from TA's desk.

Please check and let us know if you see any discrepancies in the recorded marks (note that in a couple of cases, the correct late penalty has not been factored-in yet--those are shown in red).

The current total includes 23 points for all homeworks together and 37 points for all projects together 20 points for the mid-term.

Note that the extra credit points in all categories are shown but are not factored into the totals as yet (as per my promise we do that only after the letter grade thresholds are determined).



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feh Java (just when you thought the blog is dead and gone...)

Huan Liu pointed me to this article ("rant") which I sort of see the point of...
at any rate, it is moderately funny (I think Structure and Interpretation of Programs
should be the only text to teach real programming with..)


Friday, December 7, 2007

[cse 471] Grading scheme for project-4 (prolog theorem prover)


Grading scheme for project-4 is as follows:

Total: 100 + 40 (extra credit)

Coding + Testing + Documentation:
Task1:   5
Task2:  20
Task3:  25

code  quality: 5

Domains: 15 pts (5+10)

Edited Trace - with analysis - and comments: 15 pts
Correct outputs for test cases: 10 pts
Other Analysis (observations): 5 pts

Extra Credit: 10 points for each of the 4 tasks

Let me know if you have any questions.

(Since  few of you used the late extension, I  will send the statistics once I am done with grading them.)

Good luck for the final take home exam.


[cse 471] Grading scheme of homework-4 and statistics


Here is the marking scheme for homework-4.

Total: 70 points

1. 29 (3+4+5+4+3+3+7)
2. 8
3. 10 (4+2+4)
4. 7 (4+3)
5. 4
6. 12 (2+1+2+5+2)

And the grade distribution is as follows:

UG: 41.33(Avg)  62(H)  40 (L)

Grad: 55.28(Avg)  70(H)  46(L)

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Final exam released

 The final exam is available at

Please print it single-sided and do all your work on the exam.

It is due back by Monday 5pm in hardcopy

Please monitor your email for any errata corrections.

Good luck


(important) Information about the final..

 Here is information about the final. It will be released this afternoon (after 12noon). It mostly focuses on the material covered after the
midterm.The final will be due back by Monday 5pm in hard copy (there are exception clauses for people who may have too many other exams between now
and Monday--see the instructions on whether you qualify to *request* for extension).

I am in my office until noon today and you can come by to ask me any questions on the material.

Once the final is released, I will only answer clarification questions on the exam (and not general questions on topics covered--this is so that there is less
temptation to  just try to understand the material needed to do fine on the exam..)