Thursday, September 20, 2007

[cse 471] Instructions for your project report --plus-- Announcements on submission

Hello all,
I hope everybody is doing great with project-1!  I have opened a link for it under the "Assignments" section in blackboard for submitting your code part of this project. Please submit only your "CODE" (name the files as firstname_lastname.lisp) there.
You have to submit a hardcopy of your project report in the class next wednesday. The report should contain your code, sample runs for input cases, statistics collected (as required in the project tasks) and your analysis on the results etc. Please note that the purpose of the project (and a report) is not to test your LISP/programming skills, but to make you understand, analyze and explore the various methods you study in the course. So, your report is expected to contain good *analysis* and *observations*, and not just the code with outputs.
Here are some general suggestions for preparing your report:

1. Write the report clearly so that I can find out what you did for each task. A brief description of your implementation would be appreciated. 
2. Give the output of some sample test calls to show that you code has no bugs.
3. Given the output, do some thorough analysis. A comparison of various methods used, the effects of varying parameters (if any) on the experimental results etc would be necessary.
4. You can plot some figures to show the difference of different methods, to check whether it is consistent with the theoretical result (like the time complexity, space complexity, order of increase etc.) What are the conclusions? Does it make sense and why?
5. Did you encounter any problem during the project? Any unexpected results? Are there possible ways you tried or suggest to get better solutions?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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