Monday, September 10, 2007

*Important*: Late homework/project acceptance policy..

I have already started getting late submission requests.

To be fair to everyone as well as allow for human fallibility, here is the procedure we will follow.

Each of you will be allowed

* one extension for the homeworks and
* one extension for the projects.

The  extension will allow you to submit the homework/project within two days from the deadline without penality
(if the due date is Monday, you will do the late submission by Wed class; if it is Wed, you come and deliver it
by Friday 10:40 to the CS office).

All you need to do is to send a mail to the TA or me *by the day of original due date* saying that
you plan to exercise that option (so we will wait  before posting solutions).

No substitutions or negotiations; and the extensions are non-transferable..


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