Wednesday, November 28, 2007

heads up: you will be asked to fill an participation evaluation sheet next class

 As you may recall,  10% of the grade for the course is based on participation which is measured in terms of attendance and 
attentiveness.  In order to give that part of your
grade, I will be asking all students to fill up a participation form that will have the folowing questions. Please have your
data ready so you can give accurate answers to the following (*Don't reply now--you will fill hard-copy forms in the class*)
Attendance: How many classes did you miss:__________  (exact number preferred--see
  to see what was done on what days so you can recollect which classes you missed)
 How many of these cases did you notify the instructor prior to the absence:_______________
Attentiveness: How many classes did you ask meaningfu questions:___________________
Blog participation: How many times did you post meaningful responses to the thinking cap questions:_____________
If you take the 5th and not give answers, I will have to go by my recollections and samples. But note that my estimates of class abseences tend to be
inaccurate--if you miss a couple I might think you mised half-a-dozen, and if you slept in the class once, I assume you never paid any attention ;-)

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