Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project-2 grading scheme and statistics

Following is the grading scheme for project-2 (Sudoku using CSP):
part I: Implementation:  (45 pts)
(a) Diagonal constraint -  10
(b) MRV - 12
(c) LCV  -  12
(d) FC    -  11
Code quality(like comments, efficiency) : 5
Part II:
Results and Presentation: (20 pts)
[computing the required statistics for given test cases]
a  2
b  4
c  4
d  3
e  4
f   3
Analysis (30 pts)
* Observations on individual heuristics, their performance and trends for various test cases :  10 pts
* Comparison between the heuristics :  10 pts
* Other non-trivial observations, exceptions, and improvements suggested : 10 pts
Extra Credit:  30 pts
1. Unlike project-1, some of you did not provide any comments on their code or implementation details. It would definitely help me to check them to see what are your assumptions. (especially when the computed statistics don't match with the expected ones).
2. Some students had mentioned that your program ran out of memory for some test cases, which is actually not the case. (and the test run completes in a decent amount of time.)
Grade Statistics:
UG:    Avg (85.2)  Highest(94)  Highest{with extra credit} (91 + 22)  Least: 60
Grad: Avg (80.8)  Highest(99 + 26)   Least: 57
Let me know if you have any questions.

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