Wednesday, November 28, 2007

*Important* Headsup: Interactive review in the next class

 Please note that rather than me doing a dry summary of the course, I prefer to have the students do an interactive summary of the course--in terms of what they got.
Me saying that such and such a topic is beautiful is not as effective as one of your peers saying it (as you are likely to then go back and pick it up if you didn't the first time).
Each of you will get about 2min to hold forth on any of the following: 
 -->topics covered in the course that particularly caught your fancy (and  why) 
  --> intriguing connections *between* the various topics covered in the course that struck you
  --> what topics--if any--got overplayed or should have gotten more  coverage

You should come to the class prepared with a sheet that answers these questions--that you will turn in at the end of the class (in addition to sharing them verbally in the class).
Please note that this is a *review* session--not an course/instructor evaluation session. For the latter, you have the college evaluations (that you are highly encouraged to take part in).
Please also note that depending on how effective I am about keeping people to their two minutes, we may go over time. (Note that strictly speaking, the allotted final exam time is also considered part of the contact hours--so you can think of the extra time you spend next Monday as just a way of buying yourselves out of the 2 hours
of contact time the following monday).

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