Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Information regarding CSE574 being offered next semester..

Some people asked for information on CSE 574, and I thought the information may be of wider interest since
the course hasn't been offered since before Bush's re-election.

The course home page from the last offering is at 
and will give a reasonable idea of what we might do.

If you liked the material  on planning, CSP and markov decision processes in CSE 471
then you will likely like 574.

It is going to be run as a "Real" (TM) graduate course (read "real easy") but I am happy to have qualified undergraduate students register for the class (you will need to fill a special form from the department and have it signed by me).

You may have to register real quick though; now that I managed to get the word out through the  State Press  that I teach real easy courses, I expect this course to fill up real fast with real honors students ( )

Happy thanksgiving!

ps: The course might experiment with a novel grading scheme where grades depend directly on how many papers the student can publish in  top venues  (with significant bonuses involved in listing the instructor as a co-author ;-).

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