Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Current Cumulatives (as of Haloween day)

 To give you an idea of your standing in the class, here are the current cumulatives
(471 and 598 students are put in two different groups).

Note that to get you a scaled score, I gave 1% point to Proj 0, 10% to Proj 1, 5,5 and 3 points
to the three homeworks and 20pts to Midterm. The specific points may change a bit, but this should
give you a good idea.

Note that extra credit points are not converted now (these are "unrealized gains" that will be realized only after
final grades are set up).

In terms of grades, note that (1) I have no fixed thresholds for grades  (2) I plan to give all grades--
A+/A/A-/B+/B/B- etc--the works..

Let me know if you have specific questions.



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