Friday, October 26, 2007

Project 2 submission date/late submission etc..


We are getting tons of mails on project 2. So we thought we will send
a single mail to the entire class

1. Project 2 will be accepted without penalty until close of business
today (the department office closes 5pm).

2. If you have not used your extension, you can exercise it and submit
the project by Monday *in class* (just write that you are using your

3. If you have already used your extension and still can't complete it
by today, try to submit it by Monday morning in class. There *will be*
a late penalty on this submission.

Note that I am not trying to be mean--but rather fair to those
(minority of) people who did change their schedule around to complete
the project already.

Happy sudoku
[Oct 26, 2007]

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