Thursday, October 11, 2007

(Important) Proposed schedule for the semester+midterm on 10/24


 I  put up an approximate schedule for the rest of the semester (in the lecture notes page--below the lecture notes).

Assuming I got the dates right, we  have 16 more classes (including the make-up class for 9/24 to be scheduled).

As for the mid-term: Here is my thinking.

I would like to include all the material discussed upto and including 10/8 (basically propositional logic) into the midterm.

I normally prefer to have you do homeworks on the topics that are being tested in the in-class midterm.

So, I am closing the homework 3 socket and making  it due by next week (it is clearly a shorter homework than the other two).

This makes the optimal date for the midterm be 10/24

Since the homework deadline is sneaking up before the project 2 deadline, I am okay with accepting project 2 until 10/26

Speak up very soon if you see any major problems with this plan


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