Wednesday, October 17, 2007

links promised in today's class

1. The Martian life "paradox" (and how you can avoid the paradox by assessing only enough probabilities to avoid internal inconsistency)  

2. Causality and graphical models -- a nice talk by Judea Pearl:
  (has the great example of "a suitcase with two locks")

3. Atul Gawande (a practising doctor who proves that good writing doesn't have to be associated with non-technical professions ;-) talks about the inevitable progress of medicine where machines become doctors and doctors become machines:
(only an abstract is available online. If you are interested, I can dig out a hard copy, or you can plunk for his book in which this article appears as
"The Computer and the Hernia Factory" )

(I forgot what other references I promised to send you--if you recall, remind me)


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