Thursday, October 11, 2007

Readings from the text book updated..

 My apologies for the confusion(s) caused by the fact that the  "Readings" tab in the course page leads to readings from/for Fall 2006
edition, and we are doing things in a different order.

I have now edited the "Lecture notes" page so for each week, the chapters/sections form R&N that are "covered" that week are explicitly
listed. To avoid any future confusion, I removed the "readings" link from the web page.

I should make the following disclaimer

 For the class test(s), you are only responsible for the material/topics that is actually covered in the class.
    I did my best to make pointers to the text sections that correspond to what was covered. However, I will not
    ask topics that were not discussed in the class, even if they were discussed in those sections in the text.
    On the other hand, if I discussed something that is not explicitly present in the text, you are still responsible for it.


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